Branding & Measurement

What we covered

  • Discussion: interview experiences, tough questions, negotiations
  • Discussion: branding
    • What is a brand? What elements does it include?
    • Brand creation process
    • Brand management process
    • Consumer contribution to the brand
    • WSU branding guidelines & branding survey research
    • When branding goes bad: LodgeNet new branding example
  • Discussion: digital/social measurement
    • Four levels
      1. Basics: likes, retweets/reposts, follows, shares, comments, etc.
      2. Cross-channel and/or calculations from basics: engagement, website traffic, inbound links, SEO improvements
      3. Conversion points: app downloads, newsletter sign-ups, webinar registrations, purchase
      4. Ultimate evaluation: ROI

Out-of-class assignments for Week 15:

1) Digital Hub v.2.0

  • Finish everything for your agency websites, competitive analyses and SWOT analyses. Presentations next week!

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