ADDWSU Week 2: SEO & Certification Programs

  • Blogging: review week’s blog posts & criteria for future weeks
  • WordPress dashboard/features tutorial
  • Exercise: work in groups to increase first blog posts’ SEO within WordPress dashboard
  • Certification program sign-ups: Hupspot Academy, Facebook Blueprint, & Google Partners

Out-of-class assignments for Week 3:

  • Complete the Inbound Fundamentals module of Hubspot Academy and bring two questions to class about this video content for discussion
  • Find an entry-level digital/social job posting you would be interested in applying for and bring to class, where we will compile a list of key skills necessary for work in the field
  • Extra credit opportunity: Blogging during off-weeks. We will discuss in class again this week and post an online sign-up sheet for anyone who wants to write blog posts during the semester’s off-weeks.