Introduction to The Business of Social Media

What we covered

  • Semester learning objectives
  • Syllabus review
  • Codeacademy sign-up
  • Hubspot sign-up
  • WordPress access & set-up

Out-of-class assignments for Week 2:

1) Weekly blogging: First blog post due 1 /15/2017

Blogging: Below you will find step-by-step instructions for creating a blog page within the #ADDWSU section of the website. This assignment is worth 20 points for the moderators and 10 points for the responders. Instructions for the blog content:

Moderators: Each moderator will create and post a page for his/her blog post by midnight on the Sunday following class. The post should be 2 – 4 paragraphs and contain the following elements:

  1. Short summary of the most important in-class content/activities
  2. Critical thought about the class session and the overall class direction
  3. Additional media (e.g., photos, hyperlinks, video embeds, etc.) for better SEO
  4. Engaging questions to be responded by the rest of the class
  5. Tweeted link to let everyone know that your blog page is live once it is published. Be sure to use the #ADDWSU hashtag.

PLEASE NOTE: A delay in publishing a blog post will also affect responders’ grades. 

Moderators are also required to monitor and moderate the discussion for their blog page from the time the initial post goes live to the beginning of class the following week.

Responders: The rest of the class is required to read each moderator’s blog post and respond with quality content. The responses do not have to be a certain length, but should show insight into the original post and responses to the questions asked. Each class member is required to respond at least once to each original blog post. Additional responses are not required but are welcomed. Be creative with your responses and feel free to add media also.

Here are the steps to create each blog post after you have successfully logged into the DDWSU WordPress.

2) Review the course syllabus which is available in Pilot.

3) Find an entry-level digital/social job posting you would be interested in applying for and have for class, where we will compile a list of key skills necessary for work in the field.

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