Digital Hub v.2.0 Workshop

What we covered:

  • Digital Hub v.2.0 project
    • Addition of Facebook pixel to agency websites. Result: not possible for one admin on multiple websites.
    • Check on Google Analytics data for all agency websites. Result: success across the board!
    • Check on Facebook likes for all agencies, to access Facebook InsightsResult: immediate success for two agencies, later success for one agency.
    • Final questions about project for last week’s push. Result: success!
    • Showcase of agency websites to date: Result: two successful showcases of professional, well-developed content; one unsuccessful showcase of underdeveloped content: “we have a plan for that.”

So we have three agencies that have been built from scratch this semester, the final products to be presented in class next week. Below are progress summaries and overall impressions expressed in the form of gifs.

Collective Digital Phenoms: CDP has been on track throughout the semester and had nearly a finished product in last week’s class. They still have a team video to film and some minor website updates to make.

Highlight: Services page
Our take:


That’s So Digital: TSD has also been on track all semester and has excellent visual content. They are working to make their “About” page more visually appealing and engaging, but their website looks great overall.

Highlight: Home page slider with nice CTAs
Our take:


Digi Doc Media: DDM has a great company concept, but the website is lacking content to reinforce the concept. It has potential, but is way behind the other two agencies at the moment.

Highlight: Meet the “Docs” page with great photos & personal SoMe links
Our take:


Out-of-class assignments for Week 15:

Digital Hub v.2.0
  • Finish your agency websites, SoMe channels, content strategy, competitive analyses, SoMe audits & SWOT analyses.
  • Next week you will present them the full project to the class.
Google Adwords
  • Re-take any Adwords exam(s) you have not passed yet. You may re-take any Adwords exams you have passed for a higher score until 4/21.
    • All three assigned Adwords exams must be passed by next week’s class; any not passed will result in a grade of 0 for that module.

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