Visual Storytelling, Memes, Content Aggregators & Website Builders/Blogging Platforms

What we covered:

  • Visual storytelling assignment feedback
    • Story presentations on each platform
  • Memes: what they are and how to make them
    • Meme assignment (due 3/21 or 3/22)
      • Create a meme on the theme of advising & registration (Tues. class) or unpreparedness for class (Wed. class), using any meme generator tool you wish (some options here).
      • Must use your own picture
      • Must write/create your own text
      • Publish to DDWSU Pinterest board with comment about it
  • Discussion: content aggregators. Try out at least two of the platforms below for your SoMe posts this week and be prepared to discuss your experience with them in class next week.

Out-of-class assignments for Week 11:

SoMe posts:

  • Complete your 10 SoMe posts/comments for the week according to this week’s calendar. Use at least two of the content aggregators above to discover content for your posts.


  • Complete the meme assignment per the above instructions. Your meme must be published on the DDWSU Pinterest board by the start of your class time to receive credit.
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