Hootsuite Platform Certification, Presentation Tools & Visual Storytelling

What we covered:

  • How to complete Hootsuite Platform Certification exam and profile.
  • Individual digital hub project meeting sign-ups for Week 9 at this link.
  • Visual storytelling
    • Keys elements of good visual stories
      • HQ pics/videos
      • Emotional connection
      • Relatable
      • Beginning, middle, end
      • Minimal, but good text (no spelling/grammatical errors) that complements visuals
      • Engaging color scheme
    • Assignment review
    • Example from last semester

Out-of-class assignments for Weeks 9 & 10:

Hootsuite Platform Certification (due 3/7 or 3/8):

  • Complete the Hootsuite Platform Certification exam and send a screenshot of the passing results for grading purposes.

Visual Storytellling mission (due 3/14 or 3/15):

  • See the assignment sheet in Pilot for details.

Individual digital hub meetings:

  • We will not have a regular class meeting the week after spring break. Each student will meet with the instructor individually during the scheduled time to review his/her digital hub project plan. See sign-up link above.
    • You can find digital hub presentations from previous semesters on the DDW YouTube channel.
    • Reminder: This is a required meeting. Any student who does not attend this meeting will lose 10% of his/her digital hub grade.
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