Inbound & Content Marketing, SEO, Infographics & Digital Hub v.2.0

What was covered this week in #ADDWSU:

  • Content Marketing in action, via The Newswheel Content Editor Sam Huist from Naked Lime
  • Discussion of Hubspot Academy’s Inbound Marketing courseware: SQLs, MQLs & smarketing
  • Application of SEO in higher education industry
  • Infographic assignment review
  • Digital Hub Project v.2.0
    • Group formations
    • Review of project criteria
    • Samples from last year’s ADDWSU class

Out-of-class assignments for Week 5:


  • Complete the infographic assignment per instructions in Pilot. Be sure to tweet the infographic with a good message and the class hashtag to receive full credit.

 Hubspot Academy:

  • ​Complete the Delight section of Hubspot Academy’s Inbound Marketing course.
  • Take the Inbound Marketing course exam. Send the passing screenshot of results via e-mail for credit.

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