Digital Branding & SEO

What we covered Week 2 in #DDWSU

  • Questions from Week 1
  • Set-up Hootsuite Academy & Hootsuite dashboard
  • Discussion: Personal digital branding, SEO & brand equity

  • Exercise for branding: Google yourself (including name variations) & take a screenshot of results (you will need this for your Digital Hub presentation later in the semester)
  • Exercise for personal brand assignment: Develop five personal brand equity statements

Out-of-class assignment for Week 3:

  • Personal brand profile assignment: see document in Pilot.
    • Remember to publish your infographic and tweet it using the #DDWSU hashtag when you are finished.
    • Here is an article to help you think through brand equity


  • Job-seeking tools assignment:
    • Spend the week testing/using/reviewing the job-seeking/networking tool you selected in class and be prepared to present it during next week’s class. Tweet at least one time (using the class hashtag) to the company you are testing with a good question about the product. For next week’s presentation, you will be covering the questions below:
    • What is it? What are its features?
    • Who would use it? Why?
    • Is it free and/or paid? If paid, how much does it cost?
    • Would you use it? Why?
      Total time to present tools: 5 minutes

If you have any questions or need clarification about this assignment, please contact me.

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