Live-Streaming & Content Calendars

What we covered:

  • Meme & SoMe posts assignments
  • Live-streaming adventures on campus via Periscope & Facebook Live
    • Tuesday class: Hide & seek
    • Wednesday class: Head’s up, campus tour, rock wall climbing, basketball, tour of SGA offices
  • Review of content calendar requirements and examples for digital hub project
    • Templates in Pilot
    • Additional good templates collected by Curata
    • Google calendar
  • Review of sample digital hub project presentation
    • Q & A

Out-of-class assignments for Week 12:

Personal portfolio site:

  • Test the personal portfolio site you selected and use its features to create a profile. You will present this in class next week.

SoMe posts:

  • Complete your 10 SoMe posts/comments for the week according to this week’s calendar.
  • For extra credit: get at least 10 engagements (likes & retweets) on your Twitter post for this week.

Meme assignment (extra credit):

  • Create your own meme on the topic decided in class
    • Must be your own image
    • Must be your own text
    • Post to Pinterest with message and class hashtag
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