Introduction to Social Media (SoMe)

  • Instructor & student introductions
  • Syllabus review
    • Questions about course & syllabus
  • Discussion: favorite apps
  • SoMe quizzes (see #DDWSU tweets for links)
  • Set-up of SoMe channels for semester

Out-of-class assignments for Week 2:

  • ​​Read Hupspot’s article on how to use hashtags: [CLICK HERE]

  • Review Huffington Post’s rules for building a personal brand: [CLICK HERE]

Have personal social media accounts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest ready for use (i.e., completed profiles) by the beginning of next class. We will be working in class on these platforms going forward.

Required social media accounts for class:

Create/complete the following social media accounts:

If you have any questions or need clarification about these assignments, let me know before beginning.

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