Advanced Social Media Class

Advanced Social Media Class, the Horror!

The Advanced Social Media class is intense! I must admit I was shocked to find out how much work was required. It was hard, took forever, and I thought I wasn’t going to make it more than once.  In the end, I learned more about advanced social media, social media metrics, inbound marketing, social media strategy, and website building than I ever thought possible.

This class we leave you with essential digital skills than will absolutely set you apart from other job applicants, regardless of whether you choose to go into the field or not.

For example, if you are applying to work in any kind of company that uses these tools for marketing, you will be able to contribute to the team, even if you applied for another position. More and more companies are using digital skills in expanding roles that may include internal communication, company process, and beyond.

Advanced Social Media Certifications

You will get certified in Hubspot Inbound Marketing, Google AdWords, and about a million Facebook Blueprint certifications (really only 25).

  • The HubSpot Inbound Marketing exam wasn’t extremely hard, but the information is very valuable if you have any desire to learn about digital marketing, which includes marketing your own site or adding value to your skill set in any company you work for.
  • The tests for Google AdWords were hard for me, and I usually do well on exams, but the information is amazing. You will learn how to use AdWords, even if it kills you!
  • Facebook Blueprint is an amazing training and certification process that will absolutely teach you everything you need to know about everything Facebook, including their advertising.

You will learn WordPress, and how to think like a whiny client that wants everything and understands nothing. Website building is intense! It’s hard, time consuming, and awesome! This was the most fun, and perhaps the hardest part of the class. You have to design a company and build a website. I was lucky, my team was awesome. I enjoyed every bit of that project.

In the end, you get out of it what you put into it. Ike and Russ are wicked, cruel, and expect no less than your best.  I went into this class curious, but not interested in these certifications, I came out pitching the certifications for a job, which I got. My path turned 180 degrees. You never know where life will take you, but it is entirely awesome that you can get professional certifications in one class that can get you a gig. There aren’t many classes like that at Wright State or anywhere else for that matter.

Ike and Russ are a rare thing at Wright State, and if you are smart enough to take this class, you’ll be the better for it.