Facebook Blueprint, Strategies for Facebook

It is logical for anyone interested in learning and implementing Social Media strategy to learn as much about Facebook as possible. Facebook has 2 billion users. Facebook Blueprint is the best kept secret for learning about Facebook. It isn’t difficult to navigate, and the lessons are user friendly. You simply click on the link I have listed below, log into your Facebook page, select the course you wish to take, and follow the instructions.


Facebook Blueprint is Easy to Navigate

Facebook Blueprint Certificate

Facebook Blueprint Completion Certificate

There are 64 different courses within Facebook Blueprint with varying degrees of difficulty. I chose Audience Insights to begin with. It took me about 20 minutes to watch the videos and read the text. As you complete each section, you will be directed to the next section until you have completed the course. Once finished you’ll get a certificate like the one pictured here, with your name and Facebook Blueprint printed on the certificate.

Facebook Blueprint is Imperative for Facebook Strategy at Any Level

For those people seeking to work in the field of Social Media, these courses are a must. The certificates are relevant to your expertise in Social Media, and can be placed on your LinkedIn profile depicting a mastery of the courses you’ve completed. Facebook Blueprint has many courses to choose from allowing you to tailor your time to suit your strategy. Facebook Blueprint is available to everyone at no cost. Regardless of your career choice, Facebook Blueprint is a handy tool for anyone seeking a better understanding of how to use Facebook.