GOMC or not GOMC, that was the question!

What we covered:

  • ​Review of week’s assigned out-of-class readings: SoMe terminology & SEO
  • Discussion of “Attract” module of Hubspot Academy
  • Decision on Google Online Marketing Challenge
  • Group formations for Digital Hub v.2.0
  • Review of infographic assignment and tools for use
  • Sign-up for & access to Google Analytics accounts
    • Quick review of dashboard
  • Common digital marketing measurement terminology
    • Big data
    • CTR
    • Reach
    • Impression
    • Share of voice
    • Engagement rate
    • Attribution models
    • Sentiment analysis
    • KPI
    • ROI

​Out of class assignments for Week 5:

  • ​Complete the infographic assignment per instructions in Pilot

Hubspot Academy:

  • Complete the three videos in the “Convert” module of Hubspot Academy and bring questions to class about this video content for discussion.