Visual Representation of Your Skills and Work History

Infograph image via

Infograph image via

During class on Thursday, we were assigned to complete an infograph which will be due at the beginning of class, via Twitter, for the next class. This assignment was open-ended in the previous Advanced Social Media course but for ours we must center it around our personal resume.

To begin creating your infograph, it’s best to look over your resume and start highlighting key details. Try to write up some notes about how it might be best for you to convey each point after looking at what options there are on your chosen sites. Lastly, once you have a rough draft written up, have someone else look over it for clarity.


It’s Imperative to Have an Updated Resume

To create an infograph from your resume, you’ll first need a current resume.

Online there are many templates and guides for creating your own resume. Aside from this assignment, it is advised to have a resume and continually update it (not just your LinkedIn page) for employment after graduation. To begin or freshen up yours, check out the Purdue Writing Lab here.

Choosing a Site

Image via

Image via

Ike Brunner provided a list of sites that would make great inforgrams, though there are more free sites available via search. After testing out a few sites, choose the one that seems to work best for the points you want to make visually. Follow this guide from Entrepreneur that proves tips for an effective infograph (in the very format of an infograph).

Here are the sites that Ike and Russ have recommended:






Requirements for the Infographs

Each infograph must have at least five points represented from our resumes but they all need to be clear and a quality piece of the resume. Having a friend look over the spelling and doing a grammar-check before finalizing the infograph is highly recommended. Creativity is also necessary to receive all of 50 points available.


What struggles are you finding or think you will come across when translating your resume into an infograph?

Do you think you would look forward to giving a potential employer a resume-based infograph?

What are your ideas for adding creativity to your assignment (if you would like to share)?

3 thoughts on “Infograph: Acing the Assignment

  • February 8, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    I’m impressed with this blog! You’ve done some great research and provided relevant and informative links, and asked great questions. I haven’t begun my assignment, but I will use your information as a launching point.

    The first question you asked I’ll have to wait and see. I suspect the most important information I will use are the points I would want an employer to know. That should take care of the info graphic assignment.

    The second question is dependent upon the job. I wouldn’t rule out giving an employer an info graphic based resume, especially if I was applying for a job in a field where the ability to make an info graphic was valued.

    The third question will have to wait until I create my info graphic.

    Again, I want to compliment you on your well thought out blog.

  • February 10, 2016 at 11:14 pm

    These are all really good points, and well-written, too. I am a little behind in updating both my resume and LinkedIn profile, but you are correct in that they must be freshened up before doing this assignment. This is also a good reminder of everything we need to include, thanks!

    I think that infograph resumes are cool, but I probably wouldn’t give my employer one unless it was specifically for a design position or a job where I would be expected to create graphics.

  • February 11, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    My linkedin and my resume are current and this is spot on. I actually referred to both of them multiple times while working on the infographic assignment. I think this assignment is something that made me realize that this infographic resume concept is something that could be extremely viable for some potential employment opportunites.


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