Organic Reach and Analytics

Facebook Organic Reach

Russ Shirley and Ike Brunner teaching Facebook organic reach

Besides eagerness and excitement and a room full of hungry content creators, the number one question in every content creator mind was how to reach and keep the audience interested and bringing in a sufficient amount of traffic to post on any form of social media.

Organic reach on Facebook

As stated already the question was how to get more organic reach. Some of the examples that was used in this class was obviously was Russ Hobby store and the different types of post and explaining to other fellow content creators that there is no one true way to guarantee to keep the flow of organic reach consistent. “it is all about timing”, stated by Russ Shirley, his example for timing of the post was  his post relating to the back to the future day that had extreme amount of reach just because it was a post that had deal with back to the future and there was a video of an employee riding a hoverboard.

Facebook Organic Reach

Staff member of Hobby Express located in Cincinnati


As most of us already know that analytics can be used to help bring organic reach to any pages in the social media realm. During the conversation I went through my facebook insights to see what type of post was working and what was not. According to my insights videos do better when it comes to getting organic reach rather than a article. The insight also showed me the type of videos that got more reach than others. Looking forward to expanding on my knowledge of analytics along with fellow classmates.

Anatomy of Facebook, Direction and Questions

Russ and Ike Briefly went over and discussed about what the Facebook anatomy is and how learning the Facebook anatomy can actually help with organic reach so I thought these articles could help a little bit on studying the anatomy of Facebook. So far the direction of the class seems like it’s going to be a alot of buckling down and make sure that all assignments is on point. While listening to both Ike and Russ they are more prepared and definitely change some stuff around to ensure we are prepare and have the skills to take with us after this semester is over.

Thanks for reading and welcome back everybody got a long road ahead us.

Take some time and answer some questions and we can probably solve all of our problems together

1.) What type of content do you post for organic reach on your Channels?

2.) What kind of reception or reach have you received on your channels after looking through your measurement “analytics” tool?

3.) Have you thought about changing your social strategy especially when you feel like your post aren’t getting the reach you wanted or needed?


3 thoughts on “Organic Reach and Analytics

  • January 17, 2016 at 3:02 pm

    I post various types of content with various goals and also various target audiences. With the content I post for the COM Dept. my goal is to create more engagement with the students of the communication department. By doing things such as the student spotlight, it allows us to showcase students in the department and for them to share the Facebook posts to their own pages. This has been very successful in bringing traffic to the department’s page.

    With the analytics tools on Facebook I have been able to track how much interaction is from our original posts and then how much of the interaction is coming from other people sharing the posts.
    I am always looking for new ways to increase engagement organically, especially when one post has a reach of 3,400 and the next post has a reach of 37. There is always room for improvement and hopefully I will keep learning new ways to make this possible.

  • January 17, 2016 at 5:51 pm

    Facebook organic reach. This is something that social media marketers and enthusiasts have been trying to master since the news feed algorithm change was announced in late 2014. My experience working in the field of social/digital media as the social media manager of the College of Liberal Arts has sparked many questions about the intricacies of Facebook organic reach and how to maximize reach without a budget.

    I have spent a great deal of time researching all of the best practices for maximizing organic reach by designing Facebook posts in a specific way that follows the news feed algorithm sweet-spot. From my research online, I found that advanced Facebook marketer, Jon Loomer, is a helpful and credible source for various Facebook marketing inquiries. Here is his article discussing what he believes to be the best anatomy of Facebook posts for Pages >> Ultimately, there are many ways to design a Facebook post for maximizing organic reach. Dr. Ike and Russ addressed Facebook organic reach in class last Thursday, and they concluded that there is no recipe for maximizing organic reach. Testing many different factors such as time of day, post design, and choice of image/video is the best strategy for success. When it comes down to it, you have to know your audience. Using Facebook Insights is extremely helpful in this case.

    Time Magazine published a fantastic investigative blog post about how Facebook’s news feed actually works. I hope this is helpful for those who are interested in better understanding the mysterious world of Facebook reach. >>

  • January 17, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    I haven’t begun to learn about organic reach. As I was listening to the tasks and challenges we are to face this semester, I was really intrigued to hear about organic reach. I’m pretty inspired to learn more.

    I also think your post is fabulous! You’ve done a great job! You hit all the points and wrote well thought out and engaging content. You certainly set the bar my friend!

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